Writing Samples

Here are just a few of my favorite published pieces that I've done so far.  To check out all 60 of my articles with Lovelierie click here.

  Harry's   The Truman Razor   ($9)


The Story of the Not-So-Pink Razor


In this story, a girl walks down the men's razor aisle on an errand for her boyfriend. What she finds there may totally shock you. Click to read more about my experiment with the Harry's The Truman Razor Set



Anthropologie Outremer Eau De Toilette in Vanille ($18)

Found: Anthropologie’s Hidden Vanilla Gem with Lovelierie

Shh... Keep this hidden vanilla gem to yourself. A review of Anthropologie's Outremer Eau De Toilette in Vanille. It truly smells like heaven. Thanks to @Anthropologie, this post reached over 11,000 impressions on twitter. 

Victor High-Performance Cleansing Gel (£34.95)

Victor: A Breath Of Fresh Air For Men’s Products with Lovelierie

A review of Walker Johnson's skincare line Victor, made especially for men. This is one of my favorite reviews and collaborations of all time. High quality "beauty products" are no longer just for women.  

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