Hi, I'm Miranda! 

I'm a freelance writer with a focus on lifestyle, fashion & beauty from the Washington D.C. metro area. 

Currently, I have about two years of writing experience and 60 beauty articles published with Lovelierie, a San Francisco based beauty publication where I am a resident beauty editor. My writing has included work with small indie companies, product reviews, commentary on the latest beauty trends, DIY beauty, and an educational piece on anti-aging with Lovelierie and Reviews.com. 

I obtained my A.S. in Business Administration from Northern VA Community College summa cum laude in 2014 and I have graduated magna cum laude with my B.S. in Business Administration in marketing from Old Dominion University.

Along with being a student and freelance writer, I am also an ice skating instructor in the Northern VA area, after having been a competitive figure skater for years.  During my time skating, I earned my title as a U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist in Moves in the Field.

I've learned a ton about fitness and healthy living during my time as a figure skater, having trained on the ice, in the gym, and through dance classes.  I now share my knowledge of skating with people of all ages, from age 2 to adults.

If you'd like to see samples of my writing click here